Silvia Mei - Cover n.274

silvia mei selected by rossella farinotti

Silvia Mei

Bouble souls

mixed media on paper, cm126x101, 2013

Courtesy the artist


My path to Lobodilattice will be varied and vivid. Linear when viewed individually between artist and artist, then step by step, and not with big breaks, because between the first and the last artist there will be tangible differences, in style and form, color and message. The aim is to spread good and significant talents in the contemporary, complex today, alive and diversified, but with styles, shapes and representations in common, the obvious fils rouge dictated by the thoughts, pains, ideas and messages that we all feel, and that these 24 artists create in their own way, giving us worlds, images and stories to examine and absorb. My selection is like a domino between emerging artists and well-known Italian and foreign men and women who pass the turn telling us something new every week.

Rossella Farinotti





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